About Bonhomie Wine Imports

WINE celebrates our endeavors, and illuminates our connection to one another.

– This sentiment is the driving force behind the inception and continued expansion of Bonhomie Wine Imports.

Emerging from 15 years of working in food and wine in New York and New Jersey, Charles Woods began his own boutique company in 2008 with the mission to find traditional estates in France, Italy and Germany who produce wine that sing of their origins.  He believes in wine sourced from small farmers who do things by hand, value the wines birth in the vineyard and with a deep connection to their regional traditions. While not content with the term ‘natural wine,’ for its vagueness and broad connotations, Charlie prefers to let the wines and the producers tell the story themselves, and that they do.

Over 150 wines are represented from more than 30 estates yet as Bonhomie continues to expand and evolve the company remains grounded in the belief that wine connects us all together with the unbreakable bond of jovial conviviality. Cheers!