Domaine Moissenet-Bonnard, Burgundy

Domaine Moissenet-Bonnard; The Future is Now

Sometimes, when the baton is passed from one generation to another at an estate, there is a concern that the winemaking or vineyard work will change in some way that will compromise the quality or even break with family tradition. However, after spending just a few minutes in the vines or in the cellar with Emmanuelle-Sophie, the daughter of Jean-Louis Moissenet-Bonnard, you know the estate is in very good hands, and that, perhaps, its greatest days are ahead of it. Emmanuelle-Sophie officially took over the estate with the 2014 vintage after working alongside her father for many years and receiving degrees in agronomy, biology, viticulture (along with her work at the family estate, she teaches these subjects at the college level).

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Country: Region: Appellation: Producer: Year Founded: Annual Production Total: Farming: Harvest Method: Total Estate Size:
France Burgundy Pommard, Meursault, Bourgogne Rouge/Blanc Moissenet-Bonnard 1987 Lutte-Raisonée Manual 5.5 ha

Wine Name Warieties Average Vine Age Soil Vineyard Area Elevage Filteration Fining Annual Production
Pommard 1er Cru ‘Les Epenots’ 100% pinot noir 90 years argilo-calcaire 1 ha 25% new French oak barrles
Pommard ‘Les Cras’ 100% pinot noir 40 years argilo-calcaire 0.4 ha 25% new French oak barrles
Meursault ‘Les Vireuils’ 100% chardonnay 50 years argilo-calcaire .36 ha Fermentation in stainless steel, full maolactic fermentation and rest on lees for 1 year in neutral oak barrel before bottling
Bourgogne Rouge ‘Maisons Dieu’ 100% pinot noir 50 years argilo-calcaire .29 ha
Bourgogne Rouge ‘Oncle Paul’ 100% pinot noir 55 years argilo-calcaire .92 ha 580 cases
Bourgogne Blanc ‘Les Chazot’ 100% chardonnay 25 years alluvial .5 ha Fermented in 2 year old oak barrels then aged in 4 year old oak for 12 months before bottling 166 cases
Crémant de Bourgogne 100% pinot noir 55 years argilo-calcaire .92 ha Elevage in stainless steel tanks