Patrick Lambert

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The small village of Cravant les Coteaux, located about 10 kilometers East of Chinon, could be said to be home to the Cru vineyards of the appellation. There, alongside the more famous names in Chinon (Baudry, Pallus, Alliet), Patrick Lambert is growing some of the region’s most traditional, complex, and enjoyable wines from just 6.34 ha of organically worked vines.

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Our Wines

  • Chinon Rosé

  • Chinon ‘Gourmandise’

  • Chinon ‘Vieilles Vignes’

Technical Sheet

Country: Region: Appellation: Producer: Year Founded: Farming: Harvest Method: Total Estate Size:
France Loire Chinon Patrick Lambert 1990 Oragnic Manual 6.34 ha

Technical Table

Wine Name Varieties Average Vine Age Soil Elevage Filteration Fining
Chinon Rosé 100% cabernet franc 20 years old 40% gravel, 40% clay, 20% sand Stainless steel Yes No
Chinon ‘Gourmandise’ 100% cabernet franc 19 years old 40% gravel, 60% sand Stainless steel Yes No
Chinon ‘Les Deuzelles’ 100% cabernet franc 25 years old 40% gravel, 40% clay, 20% sand Old barrique Yes No
Chinon ‘Vieilles Vignes’ 100% cabernet franc 56 years old Sandy clay 1 year old barrique No No