Pierre Brigandant, Aube, Côtes des Bars, Channes

Bertrand BrigandatBertrand Brigandat

Pierre Brigandant, Aube, Côtes Des Bars, Channes

Bertrand Brigandat made his first vintage of Champagne from his family’s vines in the Côte de Bars in 1993 after nearly three decades of selling almost their entire production to negociant houses. While Laurent Perrier still buys 40% of the annual harvest, Bertrand has settled firmly into being a “grower” Champagne vigneron of the highest quality. Since taking over as winemaker he has worked to change the vineyard work to organic, although he also incorporates aspects of biodynamic and homeopathic practice.

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Country: Region: Appellation: Producer: Year Founded: Annual Production Total: Farming: Harvest Method: Total Estate Size:
France Côte de Bars Champagne Bertrand Brigandat 1963 4,160 cases Lutte Raisonée Manual 8.22 ha

Wine Name Warieties Average Vine Age Soil Vineyard Area Elevage Filteration Fining Annual Production
Champagne Pierre Brigandat Brut NV 90% pinot noir 10% chardonnay 30 years Kimmeridgean 5 ha Enameled steel tanks and neutral barrels 3,300 cases
Champagne Pierre Brigandat Rosé 100% pinot noir 30 years Kimmeridgean 0.65 ha Fermented and stored in enameled steel tanks 400 cases
Champagne Pierre Brigandat ‘Dentelles & Crinolines’ NV 70% pinot noir 30% chardonnay 30 years Kimmeridgean 5 ha Fermented and aged in barrel 250 cases
Champagne Pierre Brigandat Extra Brut 2009 100% pinot noir 52 years Kimmeridgean 1.9 ha 200 cases