Jeannette Eger, Pfalz

Jeannette Eger, Pfalz Jeanette was born to great terroir. Her native village of Herxheim am Berg is highest in elevation on the German wine route. Unlike many young people whose parents farmed vines and fermented the harvest, somehow Jeanette knew from a young age that she would not only take over from her parents but exceed their accomplishments in the production of quality wine. Precocious is not the half of it.

Jeannette is just starting out. She took a very special parcel called “Goldberg” from her parents’ holdings (with their blessings) to vinify her first wine under her own label: Weingut Jeannette Eger. From just 2 Hectares on a high hillside surrounded by forest and with limestone infused loamy soils, she makes one wine. One! but It’s a doozy. It’s big, full bodied but at the same time whip crackingly crisp and lively and drinkable, even quaffable. deliciously. Goldberg.

“The area’s best Rieslings come from the Goldberg site…” “… it gives exceptionally aromatic wines with grapefruit and exotic fruit notes that make them easy to mistake for Scheurebes. The best of them age well but they are most impressive in their intense youth.”
Stuart Piggot, The Wine Atlas of Germany

RIESLING ‘Goldberg’