Weingut Jülg

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Weingut Jülg: Winemaking Without Limits

It’s hard to imagine that in a cellar below Schweigen, the tiny southern-most village of the Pfalz, some of the world’s most intensely expressive Pinot Noirs are being made. Schweigen and its surrounding vineyards sit directly against the border with France. So interwoven are the two countries here that if you need an ATM machine in Schweigen the closest one is in Alsace just a few blocks away! Of course vines don’t know political boundaries and many of the top terroirs in the area lie in both countries creating the opportunity for some amazing cross-cultural pollination.

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Country: Region: Producer: Year Founded: Annual Production Total: Farming: Harvest Method: Total Estate Size: Website:
Germany Pfalz Johannes Jülg 1961 9,000 cases Sustainable Manual 20 ha Weingut Jülg

Wine Name Warieties Average Vine Age Soil Vineyard Area Elevage Filteration Fining
Riseling ‘Buntsandstein’ 100% Riesling 15 years red sandstone Stainless steel
Riesling ‘Kalkmergel’ 100% Riesling 10-25 years chalk, and clay Stainless steel
Muskateller Sonnenberg Trocken 100% muskateller 20 years red sandstone, and limestone Stainless steel
Scheurebe Sonnenberg Trocken 100% Scheurebe 30 years red sandstone, and limestone Stainless steel
Spätburgunder 100% pinot noir 20 years red sandstone, and limestone 6 months neutral wood
Spätburgunder Sonnenberg 100% pinot noir 30 years limestone 18 months barrique