Rezzadore, Veneto



Set in a 20-hectare estate, deep among the green slopes of the Berici Hills, close to Pisana Rock, overlooking the Po valley, stands an 18th century villa named after the Rezzadore family, who have been making wine here for many generations.
Tai Rosso is undoubtedly the most important and well-known grape variety of the Colli Berici. Also known as “Barbarano,” this grape is related to Cannonau of Sardegna, and hence to Grenache. The first documents mentioning the variety are from the 16th century. The wine is traditionally served for the entire meal, but the ideal pairing is with refined charcuterie, prosciutto crudo, intense pasta and rice dishes, baccalà mantecato, polenta e baccalà alla vicentina, quail, pheasant and duck, as well as medium aged cheeses.


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