Picayune Cellars

Picayune Cellars, Calistoga, Napa Valley We are thrilled to be offering our flagship wines from California from Picayune Cellars!!!! Proprietors, Jennifer Roberts and Claire Weinkauf share a joint passion for amazing wines and delicious food. Both in contact with exceptional wines and incredible winemakers, they originally came across small lots of beautiful wines, available from prestigious wineries for a fraction of the price they were being bottled at. Excited by the insiders perspective they possessed, they started making their own blends rescuing lots and assembling them until they got the results they were looking for. Realizing that it often means breaking the bank in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys, they pursue the idea that with a négociant business model they can work hard to craft wines of outstanding quality that can be delivered at an exciting price point. This has been the promise of Picayune Wines since 2011. If you wonder what Picayune (pronounce {pee-ka-ˈyün} ) means, it used to be a Spanish coin worth half the value of the Real. It also means “a little bit” in French. The key on the label represents the idea of “Unlocking Secret Wines from California”. Jennifer and Claire sign confidential agreements with all the producers from whom they have purchased wines from, that is why vineyard sources and exact provenance cannot be disclosed